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  • The Tengchong reforestation project is restoring a healthy balance between people and nature.
  • Communities are earning cash for conserving 460 hectares (1,150 acres) of newly planted forest.
  • Thanks to a Conservancy-supported reforestation project that’s become the world’s first to meet the Community and Biodiversity (CCB) gold standard…
  • 1 million yuan ($160,000) is being distributed between 277 Tengchong households each year.
  • And they’re earning that money for safeguarding forests that provide homes to gibbons, takin (as seen here), giant rhododendrons and that are in the region of the newly discovered Myanmar snub-nosed monkey.
  • “This is the first time I’ve received payment for maintaining a standing forest instead of selling wood,” says local resident Li Minghu.
  • The Tengchong forests will sequester 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide over the next 25 years, generating carbon credits and therefore income for the local communities of conservationists.
  • It’s regenerating depleted forests, fighting climate change and creating economic opportunities for families that badly need them.
  • The Tengchong project is the first Conservancy-initiated reforestation project in China, but it’s led to similar efforts throughout Yunnan and in Sichuan Province.
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