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  • Some of our best family vacations have been Nature Conservancy field trips. They remind us first-hand what is best and most beautiful about our country.
  • Life is precious, so we feel that by supporting The Nature Conservancy we are helping to do God's work.
  • We have fond family memories of watching pronghorn sheep race across the plains of Southeast Colorado and bird watching in the San Luis Valley.
  • Our kids know the West from The Nature Conservancy preserves that we have visited. They get to meet people who work on the land with ranchers. They know that preserving the land and its creatures is one of the most important jobs in the world.
  • Ellie and Sarah have found it fascinating to see the seasonal rhythms of water in the West, from the canyon creek beds in Southeastern Colorado where the Apishapa Indians called home to the springs on Medano-Zapata Ranch where the bison now roam.
  • We are inspired just watching TNC’s amazing staff members at work. They work wonders at a task that often seems like mission impossible so that the world’s delicate web of life may thrive for generations to come.
  • Conservation is a family value. Growing up, I (Andrea) remember my paternal grandparents, Professor Karl and Elizabeth Link of Madison, Wisconsin, teaching me the importance of having a conservation ethic...
  • ...They were acquaintances with Aldo Leopold, a renowned ecologist who wrote A Sand County Almanac. My grandparents shared a love for the flora and fauna of Wisconsin that they also wanted to preserve.
  • Ruth Lurie, Andrea’s mother, is also an avid supporter of the Conservancy. “I can't think of anything of more fundamental importance than the conservation of the lands and waters on our planet. The Nature Conservancy works to do that in the most creative and effective ways that I know."
  • Our kids hope to snorkel and see in person the coral reefs in the Coral Triangle or in Kimbe Bay that our support has helped to protect.
Nature's a Family Affair: The Banks
Conservation is a family value for the Banks. Learn how Michael and Andrea Banks are teaching their children that preserving the land and its creatures is one of the most important jobs in the world.

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