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  • White lion, blue water.
  • On arid lands like Namibia’s Etosha National Park, life revolves around waterholes.
  • Kenya’s Lake Baringo serves up breakfast for this hungry Goliath heron.
  • Elephants, like people, are drawn to water for cooling comfort and relaxation.
  • Lesser flamingos flock to Kenya’s lakes to feast on plentiful algae.
  • Specially adapted hooves give these red lechwes an edge over predators in swampy terrain.
  • Baboons lick a lot of rocks for a tiny taste of salt deposited by lapping waves along Lake Tanganyika’s shore.
  • Even at rest, these Serengeti lions stick close to the waterhole. Return to Africa.
Wildlife & Water in Africa
Life flows from the continent’s rivers, lakes and waterholes.

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