From Connecticut to Africa

By Elly Overton

My name is Elly Overton and welcome to my blog about my life in Kenya. My dad works for The Nature Conservancy’s Africa program, and when the Conservancy found out I was moving with him to Nairobi, they wanted me to write about my feelings, expectations and the wonders of Africa.

First, let’s start out with who I am. I am a 14-year-old girl who currently lives in Harwinton, Connecticut. I lived in Kenya from when I was born to the age of two. My parents then moved to Madagascar, and I lived there for seven years. My sister, Rebeccah, was born when I was four. We get along pretty well, but enough about her. 

Ever since we moved back to the states, I haven’t been fully content. I was excited at first, and then I really wanted to go back overseas. I really like it there. I love the people, the environment– and there’s just something different about it that I enjoy better than the states.

Don’t get me wrong. The U.S is an amazing country, but there’s something that Africa has that the U.S doesn’t. I remember that the landscape was just very beautiful, and it doesn’t have skyscrapers. It looks natural. I love Africa because that’s where I spent my early childhood, and I grew up there. I always thought that this is where I belong. When I left, I left a familiar area, an area I was comfortable in.

My mom is the reason we are moving. My mom works for Catholic Relief Services. She will be working as the Deputy Regional Director in Kenya. We were driving home from an activity when she brought up that there could be a job opening for a position in Kenya. I convinced her to apply, but she said she had to talk to my dad.

He wasn’t keen on it at first, but then he changed his mind since he saw how much this meant to me. A few weeks ago, my mom got the official letter saying, pretty much, pack your bags -- you’re going to Kenya! When I heard the news, I was so happy I think I cried.

I will keep you updated on our move, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. I hope this blog will get you as interested in Africa as I am.

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