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  • First and foremost, do make arrangements for a babysitter.
  • Be creative! Instead of a standard dinner date, consider a fun activity you can do together.
  • If your plans do include dinner, make reservations early and request a table with a view.
  • It’s good to know in advance whether your date has any special dietary requirements.
  • Sharing an appetizer will help create a good vibe.
  • If your date asks, “Does this make my [whatever] look fat?” ... Smile and say, “You look perfect to me!”
  • Double dates can be tons of fun. But remember...
  • ...three is always a crowd.
  • Is your date shy about hitting the dance floor with you? Encourage her by showing off your best moves!
  • If you’re embarrassed about being seen together in public, you should seriously reassess the relationship.
  • No matter how long you’ve been together, don’t forget to flirt. And maintain eye contact!
  • The rest is up to you — and your special valentine.
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Valentine's Day Tips from the Animals

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