Why I Love Nature: Kenya

TNC supporter Raymond W. shares why he loves nature. 

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nature.org: What is it about nature that you love?

Raymond: Calmness and peace overcome me when I am in nature; sitting on a bench gazing on a lake, taking a hike on a trail or visiting a national park. This peace continues to be under threat as developments encroach on the natural spaces where people have developed connections with nature. It is my hope to restore this peace so that future generations may gaze upon the same lakes, hike the same trails while innately developing a peace that only nature can give.


nature.org: What is your favorite thing to do in nature and why?

Raymond: Camping and playing music with make-shift instruments; sticks, calabashes and rocks, is my favorite thing to do in nature. While in Kenya my friends and I would always jam to reggae songs at national parks. I had a similar experience at Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, last year where my friends and I had a drum session using buckets from the lodge where we stayed. There is a beautiful rhythm that occurs when nature and music come together. It is this very rhythm that our forefathers danced to that gives me goose bumps whenever I am in nature and can get to make it happen.

nature.org:  What is your advice to someone who isn’t active enjoying the outdoors today? How can they easily get started?

Raymond: Enjoying the outdoors today could be as easy as looking up in the sky and gazing at the clouds. Enjoying nature is about finding what you love and loving what you find! Happy finding!!


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