Picnic for the Planet

Students Celebrate Earth Day with the Conservancy in Tanzania

Africa director David Banks looks on from the porch as Alphonce Mallya welcomes 50 Olasiti Primary School students to the Conservancy’s office in Arusha.

During Alphonce’s environment quiz, students were eager to answer questions – and win Earth Day t-shirts and frisbees.

Playing the Life Web Game illustrated the importance of every link in the food chain: from sun and rain to grass to zebras to lions and people.

Matt Brown, conservation director: “When the headmaster came later in the morning, she said to me, ‘I see lots of teeth!’ Meaning the children were happy and smiling.”

The students enjoyed a picnic in the office garden, where Alphonce also demonstrated how to plant a tree.

Students plant an African ebony seedling in the garden.

Matt Brown, conservation director, takes a photo from the porch as the children share their own games and songs.

As Arusha’s Picnic for the Planet concluded, staff and students exchanged goodbyes, and each child received an ebony tree seedling to plant.


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