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  • Adam Whelchel with the late Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Green Belt Movement. Adam: “TNC has helped GBM align its work with other groups, to focus on expanding their work to maximize their impact, and provided GBM with an ecological framework to justify actions and prioritize activities for the betterment of Kenyan people and forests.”
  • TNC helped GBM identify through watershed demonstration exercises the most ecologically important watersheds. GBM is focusing on seven watersheds in the Aberdares – one of five Water Towers in Kenya. GBM is now writing plans for two watersheds that feed the Tana River, a critical water source for Nairobi.
  • Adam: “We discussed how people derive livelihoods from the forest and how we need to shift away from activities that are threats. We highlighted that GBM is already addressing threats through action, like generating revenue from honey production, promoting use of efficient clay stoves, and alternative livestock grazing patterns."
  • TNC expertise and knowledge are being leveraged, with GBM staff now leading conservation planning discussions and trainings. The student is now the teacher for Kenya’s people.
The Nature Conservancy in Africa
Green Belt Movement Partnership Expands to Encompass Watershed-Wide Planning

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