Mekong River Journey

Visit to Xe Pian National Biodiversity Conservation Area in Laos

View from the cabin at Kingfisher Ecolodge at the edge of Xe Pian National Biodiversity Conservation Area.

A man carries water back to his village in Xe Pian.

Wren surprised her dad by wanting to wake up with him at 5:45 a.m. to go birding.

Sunrise over Xe Pian.

Wren and Luca fed some elephants bananas and sugar cane. These elephants were originally domesticated for logging, but now provide important income to the village by carrying tourists through the forest.

A dominant tree in the dry evergreen forest of Xe Pian. The name of this tree in Lao is associated with bad luck, and is therefore not used for wood, and is the predominant type of very large tree remaining in the forest.

Domesticated water buffalo moving through the wetland in front of our cabin. There are very few large, wild animals remaining in Laos.


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