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  • The Mekong between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang is lined with rocky outcrops. I thought these resembled the bony plates of a dragon and evoked the legend of the Naga (dragon/serpent) that lives in the Mekong.
  • The entrance to a Buddhist temple in Chiang Khong, Thailand with steps flanked by two Nagas. On the side is a shrine to the Buddha with a mural depicting Mekong river species, including the Mekong giant catfish.
  • A painting of a Mekong giant catfish on the side of a Buddhist temple in Chiang Khong, Thailand. The giant catfish were once plentiful here and supported a fishery, but none has been seen in more than a decade.
  • Our guide, Peng, the boat captain and Luca prepare bamboo poles with lines and baited hooks.
  • Luca with the bamboo poles that will be pushed into the river bottom with baited hooks overnight.
  • Luca follows along Peng and the captain during our afternoon of fishing.
  • Small fish we caught with cast nets.
  • Luca holding a black sharkminnow, a type of carp.
  • Dinner in the head man’s house in Ban Bo, Laos. The sharkminnow was featured in the fish curry in the center.
  • Our mattresses where we slept alongside three generations in the head man’s house in Ban Bo, Laos.
  • Children playing in the Mekong at Ban Bo, Laos.
  • Sunset on the Mekong at Ban Bo, Laos.
Mekong River Journey
A Gentle Giant of a Catfish Fades From Sight

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