Mekong River Journey

Discover Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is a somewhat necessary midpoint between Luang Prbang and Vientiane and has recently developed a reputation for being the backpacker version of Ft. Lauderdale for spring break. This is the overloaded mini-van we took where the four-hour ride became seven, with my knees in my chest…

However, Vang Vieng is incredibly beautiful and the food, lodging and crowds were quite the contrast from the quiet villages along the Mekong. The original activity that drew people to Vang Vieng is tubing down the Nam Song (river – with Nam meaning river).

Paola floated by a boulder in a river with a group of Lao kids and without any warning they all leaped on to her raft and floated downstream with her. Luckily she was the one that could actually talk with them, although she never quite figured out why they jumped on the raft.

We saw lots of kids enjoying the river in the heat of the day.

This is the tourist drag in Vang Vieng.

This kind of beautiful scene is what drew people to Vang Vieng, which has become a bit of a circus along the main drag of hotels, bars and restaurants.

Restaurants along the Nam Song, Vang Vieng.

As we ended our day in Vang Vieng this spider came to greet us, just outside our hotel window.
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