What's Your Water Footprint?

Think you need eight glasses of water a day? Think again.

According to a recent study by a Conservancy partner organization – the Water Footprint Network (WFN)– the “water footprint” of the average American is 32,911 glasses per day.

Where is all this water? It’s “hidden” in things we eat, wear and use – from hamburgers to blue jeans.

Check out a cool info-graphic that explains your water footprint.

“Water is necessary for everything we grow and manufacture,” says Conservancy scientist Brian Richter. “When we look at our entire water footprint – the total volume of water needed to support our daily lives – then we start to grasp how dependent we are on rivers, lakes and aquifers. And how big an impact we have on them.”

Brian is working with partners like WFN to innovate methodologies to track down this hidden water and help farmers and corporations find ways to grow crops and manufacture products while leaving more water available for people, plants and animals.

For example, a partnership project in Georgia is helping farmers access innovative irrigation technology and new practices – reducing annual water use by up to 30 percent.

Please donate. Just $1 can help save 100,000 gallons of water.*

Visit the Water Footprint Network’s website to learn more about your water footprint.

Get tips on how to save water.       

Are you an illustrator, designer, animator, web producer or other creative type and would like to volunteer your talents to help us raise awareness about water issues? If so, please
contact us.



* Based on a key water conservation project: the Flint River partnership in Georgia.          


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