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Striking a Healthy Balance between Water and Food

Nature gives us our water, and we use it to grow our food. But not much thought is given to how much water it takes to make the food we eat. For example, did you know that it can take 10 gallons of water to create one slice of bread?

As we quickly approach 7 billion people, with another 2 billion projected by 2050, the world is facing a big challenge: how do we produce more food without irreparably damaging – or completely depleting – our natural resources that we depend on for drinking water, clothing, housing and other goods?

Thanks to our supporters, The Nature Conservancy is working with partners – from farmers and ranchers to universities and government agencies – around the globe to find new ways to strike a healthy balance between our plates, our water and our own backyards.

When the River is Healthy, Everyone Wins

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