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Oceans and Coasts

How We Work: Restoring Coastal Habitats

From shellfish reefs, sea grasses and kelp beds to mangroves, coral reefs and salt marsh estuaries – coastal ecosystems are vitally important to people around the world, providing food and jobs as well as protecting communities from storm damage.

Some habitats, like coral and shellfish reefs, are especially important to ocean health and human well-being. These habitats are also extremely threatened: Globally 85 percent of oyster reefs have been lost and 70 percent of coral reefs are threatened.

We work to keep marine habitats healthy, while bringing degraded ones back to life. We work with partners like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to restore important marine habitat across the country. Through our coral reef resilience program and our global shellfish restoration work our goal is to increase the protection of 35 percent of the world’s coral reefs and 80 percent of oyster reefs. 

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