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Hungry? There’s a table reserved for you at our World Seafood Café

Can you imagine a pub without fish & chips on the menu? Or visiting the Chesapeake and being told “Sorry, no crab cakes”?

Every year millions of fishers ply their trade in the oceans, bringing their catch to ports and markets around the world. For decades this bounty seemed inexhaustible. Today, we know that this is not the case.

With seafood consumption at an all-time high – more than 3 billion people rely on it for essential nutrients – can we meet our growing need for seafood not just today, but well into the future?

We think we can. Around the world, the Conservancy is joining local fishers and industry in their efforts to keep fish populations stable and to develop new ways to fish sustainably. Closer to shore, we’re rebuilding the shellfish reefs and underwater grasses that help nurture new generations of shrimp, crabs and other ocean life.

Is your favorite dish part of a fisher’s daily catch? If so, enter the Café to see how – with your help – we can keep it on the menu for good.

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