Forest and Timber Coalition Requests Congress Support Collaborative Restoration Success in 2014

Three Years of Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program Have Yielded Big Benefits for People, Water, and Wildlife

Arlington, Virginia | April 16, 2013

A 151-member coalition of community, forest, timber, and wildlife champions sent a letter to Congressional appropriators requesting they maintain support for the successful Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration program (CFLR). In 2013 this U.S. Forest Service program applied $40 million to forest restoration projects in 23 forested landscapes across the country.

President Obama’s recently released FY14 budget allots the program $39.8 million.

As identified in the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration 2012 Annual Report (pdf), last year’s $40 million investment resulted in:

• 4,574 full- and part-time jobs created and maintained;
• $320 million in labor income;
• 612,000 acres with reduced the risk of megafire;
• 6,000 miles of eroding roads remediated and clean water supplies enhanced;
• 95.1 million cubic feet of timber sold;
• 537,000 acres of wildlife habitat improved;
• 400 miles of fish habitat restored;

In addition to these on-the-ground results, CFLR also highlighted the opportunity to leverage matching investments in forest restoration. All told, CFLR leveraged an additional $45.4 million dollars towards collaborative actions in 2012.

Beyond the beauty they offer, forests are critical to life and livelihood across the nation. Americans forests cover one-third of the United States; store and filter half the nation’s water supply; provide jobs to more than a million wood products workers; absorb nearly 20% of U.S. carbon emissions; offer 650 million acres of recreational lands that generate well over $13 billion a year in economic activity; and provide habitat for thousands of species across the country.

CFLR is particularly valuable now, on the heels of the third-largest wildfire year. A century of suppressing natural wildfires has resulted in unhealthy forests choked with small trees and brush that can lead to destructive megafires.

Over the last 50 years the United States has had only 3 years with more than 9 million acres burned— all have occurred since 2006. A new Forest Service report to the White House predicts the country will average 20 million acres burned a year due to climate change. CFLR is a tool to help insulate our communities, water sources, and wildlife from this threat.

All told, The Nature Conservancy estimates 120 million acres of America’s forests – an area bigger than Oregon and West Virginia combined – are in immediate need of restoration due to this “perfect storm” of threats.

Observers say the program is bucking the larger downward funding trend because restoration of National Forests is the new ‘zone of agreement’ where traditional adversaries in the timber industry, conservation, and local county governments are working to advance common goals.

The collaborative results of the report were heralded by companies, community groups, and conservation organizations around the nation.

“The Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration program is bringing communities from around the country together to create jobs, to restore forest and watershed health, and to reduce the costs of wildfire suppression at impressive scales,” offered Paige Lewis of The Nature Conservancy. “The program and its many supporters are charting a successful path forward for National Forest management.”

"The 2012 CFLR Annual Report illustrates how this program benefits forests, rural economies, and water quality," said John Barnwell of the Society of American Foresters.

“Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration projects are cost efficient, mostly because of their long time frame and larger scale,” added Megan Birzell of The Wilderness Society. “Selected projects are assured funding as long as appropriations are available until 2019, which provided certainty for businesses their banks and other investors, time for workers to be trained and become skilled, and for product markets to be developed and expanded.”

“Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration has shown that the critical importance of healthy and thriving forests can be a unifying force,” said Rebecca Turner of American Forests. “Our organization is proud to be collaborating with such a diverse collective of partners on a program that received bipartisan support from Congress to improve the health of our forests, as well as creating needed jobs.”

“These days, instead of the Forest Service taking a couple of years to design a project then going to the public for their opinion, the public is involved from the beginning,” said Craig Rawlings of the Forest Business Network. “All told, it’s easy to see how CFLR is a program we can truly get excited about in the forest products industry.”

Dylan Kruse of Sustainable Northwest said, “Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration is about boots on the ground, creating jobs in rural communities. Now is the time to invest in rural communities and restore the health of our National Forests. CFLR does exactly that.”

The 23 sites to receive investment in 2012 were:
• Ozark Highlands Ecosystem Restoration, Arkansas, $959,000
• Shortleaf-Bluestem Community Project, Arkansas and Oklahoma, $342,000
• Four Forest Restoration Initiative, Arizona, $4 million
• Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group Cornerstone Project, California, $730,000
• Burney-Hat Creek Basins Project, California, $605,000
• Dinkey Landscape Restoration Project, California, $1,788,257
• Front Range Landscape Restoration Initiative, Colorado, $4 million
• Uncompahgre Plateau, Colorado, $1,018,200
• Accelerating Longleaf Pine Restoration, Florida, $1,497,970
• Kootenai Valley Resource Initiative, Idaho, $324,000
• Selway-Middle Fork Clearwater, Idaho, $4 million
• Weiser-Little Salmon Headwaters Project, Idaho, $2.45 million
• Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Restoration and Hazardous Fuels Reduction, Mississippi, $2.71 million
• Pine-Oak Woodlands Restoration Project, Missouri, $617,000
• Southwestern Crown of the Continent, Montana, $4 million
• Southwest Jemez Mountains, New Mexico, $3.865 million
• Zuni Mountain Project, New Mexico, $400,000
• Grandfather Restoration Project, North Carolina, $605,000
• Deschutes Collaborative Forest, Oregon, $1,087,700
• Lakeview Stewardship Project, Oregon, $3.5 million
• Southern Blues Restoration Coalition, Oregon, $2.5 million
• Northeast Washington Forest Vision 2020, Washington, $968,000
• Tapash Sustainable Forest Collaborative, Washington, $2,445,525

The CFLR annual report was produced by the CFLR Coalition, which is comprised of 145 member organizations that include private businesses, communities, counties, tribes, water suppliers, associations, and non-governmental organizations.

Copies of the 2012 CFLRP Annual Report can be requested from Jon Schwedler of the CFLR Coalition at

Information on CFLRP can be found at the U.S. Forest Service’s website:

Darin Schroeder
Vice President of Conservation Advocacy
American Bird Conservancy

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American Forests

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President & CEO
American Forest Foundation

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Interim Executive Director
Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

Bruce Ward
Founder and senior adviser
Choose Outdoors

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Senior Policy Advisor for Federal Lands
Defenders of Wildlife

Michael DeBonis
Executive Director
Forest Guild

John Heissenbuttel
Heissenbuttel Natural Resource Consulting

Darrel L Kenops
CEO/Executive Director
National Association of Forest Service Retirees

George Thornton
National Wild Turkey Federation

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Chief Wildlife Biologist
Quail & Upland Wildlife Federation

Michael T Goergen Jr.
Executive Vice President and CEO
Society of American Foresters

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Director of Government Relations
The Nature Conservancy

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Director of Wilderness Policy
The Wilderness Society

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Sustainable Northwest

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Staff Attorney
Western Environmental Law Center

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Saloom Properties, LLC

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Arizona Wildlife Federation

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Forest Enegy Corporation

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Four Forest Restoration Initiative

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Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership

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University of Arizona

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Pioneer Forest Products

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Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

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Arkansas Wildlife Federation

Scott Simon
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The Nature Conservancy

Cathy M. Koos Breazeal
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Amador Fire Safe Council

Katherine K. Evatt
CFLR Coalition Liaison
Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group

Donald F. Curtis
Burney/Hat Creek Colaborative Forest

Max Rodriguez
County of Madera

Mark T. Smith
Dinkey Landscape Restoration Project

Kent Duysen for Sierra Forest Products
Dinkey Landscape Restoration Project

Steve Haze
Executive Director / 1st Vice President - YSRC&D Council
Dinkey Landscape Restoration Project

Charles M. Ashley
local landowner
Dinkey Landscape Restoration Project

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Colorado Weed Management Association

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Forestree Development, LLC

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Front Range Roundtable

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Front Range Roundtable Page

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Front Range Roundtable

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Ft. Collins Audubon Society

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Great Old Broads for Wilderness

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Jefferson Conservation District

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Mainland Planning Inc.

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Wood Source Fuels

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Florida Native Plant Society

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University of Florida

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Trout Unlimited Idaho public lands coordinator
Clearwater Basin Collaborative

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Clearwater Basin Collaborative

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Framing Our Community

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Great Burn Study Group

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Idaho Conservation League

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Resource Manager
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Idaho Forest Restoration Partnership

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Idaho Rivers United

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Public Lands Access Year-round (PLAY)

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Spatial Interest, LLC

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Bird Conservation Network

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Conservation Chair
South Bend-Elkhart Audubon Society

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Maryland Ornithological Society

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Vice President
Natural Capital Development

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The Nature Conservancy of Mississippi

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Blackfoot Challenge

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Center for Large Landscape Conservation

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Flathead Economic Policy Center

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President & CEO
Forest Business Network

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Game Creek Forest Restoration LLC

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Missoula County

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Montana Wilderness Association

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Montana Wilderness Association

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Southwestern Crown Collaborative

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Albuquerque Wildlife Federation

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Barela Timber Mgmt. Co., Inc.

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Central New Mexico Audubon Society

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Chimayo Conservation Corps

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Cibola Communities Economic Development Foundation

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Associate Director
Cottonwood Gulch Foundation

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Environmental Education Association of New Mexico

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President, Board of Trustees
Friends of Bandelier

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County Attorney
McKinley County New Mexico

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Mt. Taylor Manufacturing

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New Mexico Forest Industry Association

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New Mexico Trout

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Restoration Solutions, LLC

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Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

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Round Ideas Institute

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Truchas Chapter Trout Unlimited

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Elisha Mitchell Audubon Society

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High Country Audubon Society

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Western North Carolina Alliance

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Blue Mountain Forest Partners

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City of Bend

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Coast Range Association

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Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project

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Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project

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Chief Scientist
Geos Institute

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Executive Director
Lake County Resources Initiative

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Lake County Commissioner
Lakeview Stewardship Group

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Chewaucan Biophysical Monitoring Project Lead
Lakeveiw Stewardship Group

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Timber Manager
Malheur Lumber Company

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Steering Committee member
Miller Conservation Consulting

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Quicksilver Contracting Co.

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Salem Audubon Society

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Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative

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University of the South

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