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Get Outside infographic

Luckily, getting outside is easier than you might think (and usually free). Here are eight tips to get you started!

  • Follow the leaders: Women's Health chats with eight inspiring women making a difference for nature.
  • Nature isn’t as far away as you think: parks, state forests and preserves are often in or just outside our largest cities. Check out this map of Conservancy preserves and find one near you.
  • Nearly 3/4 of all people feel personally responsible for preserving nature. The best way to start is by knowing your carbon footprint.
  • Practice Earth Day Everyday and volunteer with The Nature Conservancy.
  • Yes, you can be the one who always knows “what bird is that?” Impress your friends by following these four easy steps to birding.
  • Did you know that running outdoors burns more calories than running on a treadmill? Find a 5k near you that supports a cause you believe in! 
  • If you live close enough, make the time to walk your kids to school. This mom found that even just ten minutes outside improved her day.
  • Check out Nature Rocks! and find a ton of great activities that you can do outside, anywhere, with the whole family!

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