Nature Trivia

Water, Water Everywhere!

Water is essential to all life on Earth so we must use it carefully. Find out how much you know about this vital resource with the quiz below!


  1. The water that existed on Earth millions of years ago is the same water that is here today.


    True | Correct


    False | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

  2. I’m thirsty. What percentage of the water on Earth isn’t salty, un-drinkable ocean water?

    12 percent

    12 percent | Incorrect

    9 percent

    9 percent | Incorrect

    6 percent

    6 percent | Incorrect

    3 percent

    3 percent | Correct

  3. I like ice water, but sheesh, not solid ice! What percentage of Earth’s fresh water (non-salty) is frozen in ice caps and glaciers?

    50 percent

    50 percent | Incorrect

    60 percent

    60 percent | Incorrect

    70 percent

    70 percent | Correct

    80 percent

    80 percent | Incorrect

  4. Will we ever run out of water?


    Yes | Incorrect


    No | Correct

    | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

  5. So most of our drinking water comes from lakes and rivers. But I’ve seen a river, and that water is REALLY gross and dirty! Is it safe to drink?


    Yes | Incorrect


    No | Correct

    | Incorrect

    | Incorrect


Great job! So now you know that rain, forests and our faucets are all connected! But, how exactly does a forest clean our water? Watch a video of an easy experiment you can do to see first-hand why we need forests to keep our water healthy.


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