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Cub Scouts post trail signs at The Nature Conservancy's first preserve, in New York, in 1951.

Volunteers at The Nature Conservancy's first preserve, at Mianus River Gorge in New York, 1951.

Nature Conservancy interns recreate a classic photo from the organization's early years, at Mianus River Gorge in New York.

A Midwestern farm community during the Dust Bowl.

Harvest time at one of the many Illinois farms that recovered from the devestation of the Dust Bowl due to soil and water conservation efforts.

Spring Green Bluff, Wisconsin in 1927.

Spring Green Bluff, Wisconsin in 1988, following years of prairie restoration work.

Playing in the snow, Northern Maine, 1955.

Sledding in Northern Maine, February 1978.

Skiing in Northern Maine, 1988.

The site of Cape May Meadows Preserve in the 1920s, when is was a beachside community known as South Cape May, New Jersey, which suffered drastic storm surges.

LEAF interns at the restored Cape May Meadows Preserve, New Jersey, in 2010.

Fighting forest fires in the early days of conservation.

Modern conservationists use fire to manage forest ecosystems.

Fishing in Colorado, 1960s.

Fishing in Wisconsin, 1988.


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