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Nature Trivia

Surf's Up!

Oceans cover about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, but how much do you really know about them? Test your knowledge below


  1. How many oceans are there on Earth?


    1 | Incorrect


    2 | Incorrect


    3 | Incorrect


    4 | Correct

  2. Which ocean is the largest?


    Pacific | Correct


    Indian | Incorrect


    Atlantic | Incorrect


    Arctic | Incorrect

  3. What percentage of Earth’s water is found in the oceans?


    73 | Incorrect


    86 | Incorrect


    90 | Incorrect


    96 | Correct

  4. But nobody goes to the beach just to play in the water. I want to build a sand castle! When you visit the beach, what kinds of animals might you see?


    Birds | Incorrect


    Crabs | Incorrect


    Turtles | Incorrect

    All of the above

    All of the above | Correct

  5. When you do jump into the water, you will be joining all kinds of animals, from tiny plankton all the way up to fish the size of a bus. What is the world’s largest fish?

    Whale Sharks

    Whale Sharks | Correct

    Great White Shark

    Great White Shark | Incorrect


    Seahorse | Incorrect


    Barracuda | Incorrect


Great job! Now, are you ready to dive in? Whether you live near the ocean or not, there are a lot of things you can do to learn more and help our oceans.

Oceans are special places -- and therefore require special people to help protect and preserve them. Learn five ways you can connect your children to oceans!

Do you know where your fish sticks come from? There are a lot of fish in the sea, but we have to be careful to avoid harming fish populations. Print out a Seafood Watch card before you go to the grocery store, and see if you can find some good choices for dinner!

Coral reefs are a really special habitat found in the ocean. Learn more and be inspired by another kid who raised money to help reefs!

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