Tamworth Celebration Helps Protect Nature

Tamworth Celebration Helps Protect Nature

You know Music City Roots: Live From Tamworth was announced. But did you know that this celebration of Australian country music in Tamworth, New South Wales also celebrates the protection of nature?

The Nature Conservancy is Music City Roots's Nonprofit Environmental Partner and we're proud of this innovative partnership.

It means this January, as thousands stroll the main Tamworth thoroughfare of Peel Street in search of the best outdoor stage or theater show, they'll also hear about The Nature Conservancy's work to conserve Australia's precious lands and waters.

If you're going to the Tamworth festival, be sure to like our Facebook page today so you can share updates when you hear about our work—work we've been doing across the iconic lands in Northern and Central Australia for the last ten years.

Our conservation work on the ground is only possible thanks to our one million members who champion our efforts in more than 30 countries. If you’re not already a supporter, please learn more about how you can become a Conservation Champion for Australia.

To all the country music lovers in Australia headed to Tamworth, remember to celebrate nature as you listen to your favorite groups!