Picnic for Earth in Australia

Picnic for Earth: April 22, 2013 

 Picnic Basket

This Earth Day, April 22, in cities around the world, people will be participating in Picnic for Earth—a celebration of the planet we live on, the food it provides and the people we share it with. We're remembering that in order for the Earth to provide food and water that people and nature need, we have to take care of it. The planet does a lot for us, so let's take it out for lunch!

How to Get Involved:

  • Host a Picnic. Register your picnic online and RSVP on our Facebook page!
  • Go Green. This is an Earth Day celebration, so make sure your event is an eco-friendly one. We’ve got an extensive list of green picnic tips for you here
  • Snag Some Recipes. If you’re looking for ways to prepare healthy, sustainable and picnic-friendly food, we’ve got just what you need. Check out our Picnic for the Earth recipes page for inspiration.
  • Be Flexible. If Monday, April 22 isn’t an ideal day for you, plan to picnic the weekend before or after!
  • Upload Your Picnic Photos. We want to know how your picnic goes and hope that you’ll share tweets, photos, videos and stories with the world. To do so, just use the tag #picnic13 on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. If you’re a Flickr member, please use the tag picnic-TNC13.
  • Spread the Word! Invite your close-by friends to your picnic, and invite your far-flung friends to have their own. Use your social networks to share info about your event.

Who’s In So Far?

  • 3M: To raise awareness for Earth Day and support Picnic for the Earth, our friends at 3M will be holding a corporate matching campaign for The Nature Conservancy! From April 22 until the end of Earth month, 3M will match their employees’ contributions to the Conservancy dollar for dollar! These gifts will help us to protect and conserve Australia’s unique backyard. Thank you, 3M! 
  • Chef Rob Nixon: Watch YouTuber Rob Nixon, host of the popular web series "Nicko's Kitchen," as he demonstrates how to prepare one of his favourite picnic-friendly recipes.
  • Nature Conservancy Supporters around the World: Last year, more than 31,435 picnickers in 59 countries participated in our global picnic! New Picnic for the Earth RSVPs are coming in daily—check our interactive picnic map to see who is attending. 
  • You! Remember, we want to see photos from your picnic. Share them via social media with the world! 

Happy picnicking!