Dance Party!

Nature Conservancy Dance Party!

The Nature Conservancy has collaborated with partners to protect more than 6 million hectares of land in Australia. We’re very serious about protecting land for people and nature, but sometimes even we need to take a step back and have a laugh. With this in mind, we present Animal Dance Party—a light, fun look at the Australian critters we love so much “getting down.”

Dub stepping, kangaroo style.


Intense modernist dance, as performed by an Eastern barn owl.


Pelican flash mob!


Now throw your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care.


This soulful white kangaroo has the blues. We dig, ‘roo! 


Jump around! Jump up, jump up and get down! 


These two fairy penguins are so adorable we don’t even care that the one on the left is a bit awkward—partner dancing isn’t always easy at first! 


There’s nothing much to see here—just a possum getting ready to raise the roof. You’re halfway there, guy!


Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it—vogue!


I feel good, I knew that I would. So good, so good I got you!

Want to keep these animals dancing? Donate today and help protect the land and water these animals call home.