Coast to Coast Photo Competition Finalists Gallery

Coast to Coast Photo Competition Winning Entries

Australia's beauty is unprecedented. Earlier this year, we called on supporters to share their top photos to help inspire the world to care more about protecting our nation's treasures. Here are our top pics!



monitorMonitor Lizard © Christine Fullerton


dragonflyDragonfly © Ronald White  
coastEmerald Beach © Jakob Dolan
kangarooKangaroo © Nicci Romanovsky


peliPelican © Peter Brown


LesaNew Brighton Beach © Lesa Corrine

possumBrush Tailed Possum © Carolyn Horrell
sealsSeals, Pearsons Island © Rebecca Ford


thorny devilThorny Devil © Carolyn Larcombe
Trees Water 2
Tree Breath, Tasmania © Glen Johnson
Cairns Birdwing Butterfly © Julia Rapley
stewart monckton
Banded Stilts © Stewart Monckton
Neptune's Necklace © Rapoli Sharma
Matt Campbell Powerful Owl
Powerful Owl © Matt Campbell
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