Adopt an Acre of the Great Western Woodlands

Adopt an Acre in the Great Western Woodlands!

Southwestern Australia's magnificent woodlands are disappearing fast–help us protect them



What’s the problem?

One of Australia's natural wonderlands is under serious threat and we need your help now to protect it. The Great Western Woodlands in southwestern Australia spans 37 million acres, but this beautiful national treasure is in danger, along with the animals and plants inhabiting it.

The area is considered the largest and most intact temperate woodland remaining in the world today. But fragmentation, fire, mining, invasive species and climate change are carving away chunks of this vast piece of the southwest every day. Many animals have already been lost, and many others like the Western Quoll and the Western Pygmy Possum are at serious risk.

The southwest is now home to a fifth of Australia's plant species, many of which are in danger.As Australians, we have a responsibility to protect the Great Western Woodlands for its wildlife and our future.

What is The Nature Conservancy doing about it?

The Nature Conservancy has joined forces with some of Australia's leading conservation groups to pursue one of the world's largest and most innovative conservation efforts in the Great Western Woodlands. Our work seeks to reconnect and restore a massive piece of southwestern Australia, from native bush land to the desert edge of the Outback to the tall-tree woodlands of the coast. The project will shore up critical habitat, relink divided populations of wildlife, and rejuvenate cleared agricultural land.

Find out more about this exciting initiative here.

What can you do to help?

We must act now to stop the degradation of one of Australia's natural treasures. By Adopting an Acre for $50 today, you can help ensure the future of this biological beauty and protect native animals like the Western Pygmy Possum for generations to come.