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From mountains to oceans, and deserts to wetlands, The Nature Conservancy works in some of the most awe-inspiring places in the world. Vote now to help us choose just one incredible photo to help us tell our story. The winner will be featured on a special ecard along with a closer look at the work you help make possible there.

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This magnificent American landscape once spanned 14 states. Today only 10% of these tallgrass prairies remain. The Conservancy has worked to protect and restore this landscape in Oklahoma and Kansas for the last 25 years.

Just 170 square miles, the legendary marine diversity in one of the world’s “Seven Underwater Wonders of the World” faces numerous threats. The Conservancy has been helping protect Palau’s natural heritage for more than 20 years.

One of the world’s most diverse habitats, stretching from Canada to Alabama, the Appalachians are home to endangered plants and wildlife and host tens of thousands of migrating birds each year. The Conservancy is working to conserve 1.7 million acres threatened by development and deforestation.

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