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Southern Coastal Plain Forests

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An American Treasure in the Southern United States

In the midst of these meandering bayous and rivers are the last remaining stands of bottomland hardwood and longleaf pine forests. These iconic trees make up the Southern Coastal Plain Forests and provide nature flood protection and resilience to climate change. These forests teem with unique plants and wildlife, including more than 300 rare or endangered species — such as the rare yellow fringed orchid, the red-cockaded woodpecker, gopher tortoise and Bachman's sparrow.

A Disappearing Landscape

Throughout the Southern Coastal Plain, areas that can sustain bottomland forests have been reduced by a stunning 90 percent — and longleaf pine forests have been reduced by more than 95 percent. Unsustainable forest management, agriculture, development and the suppression of fire have diminished and degraded the South’s once extensive forests, putting wildlife and people at immediate risk. For the last decade, forest product companies have sold tens of millions of acres of land, threatening sustainable management of these forests and putting land at risk for development and fragmentation.

How The Nature Conservancy Works in the Southern Coastal Plain Forests

With a strong network of partners, The Nature Conservancy is working across nine states to conserve the Southern Coastal Plain Forests. We are doing this in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Placing an additional 700,000 acres under conservation management
  • Restoring another 500,000 acres
  • Reintroducing natural fire cycles
  • Combating invasive species
  • Encouraging sustainable management on private lands

With your $50 donation per acre to the Adopt an Acre® program, you will receive:

  • Certificate with signature photo of the Southern Coastal Plain Forests commemorating your generosity
  • Colorful fact sheet about the Southern Coastal Plain Forests
  • Six issues of our award-winning Nature Conservancy magazine to keep you informed all year about the many places the Conservancy is working to protect.
  • Great Places E-Newsletter subscription filled with local and global conservation updates, enviro-tips you can use and stunning nature photography.

Best of all, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing you're helping to protect this extraordinary wild habitat now and for future generations. Please Adopt an Acre today!

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