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Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula

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Where 400,000 Acres of Jungle Meets Sea 

The Osa Penninsula is alive with a wealth of magnificent plant and wildlife, day or night. Howler monkeys greet the break of dawn with a thunderous roar while scarlet macaws wing over treetops as the sun rises. Tapirs cool themselves from the hot midday sun in cool, sparkling rivers while poison-dart frogs hop in the nearby vegetation. At night, jaguars stalk moon-lit beaches looking for prey. You'll also find 4,000 plant species, including trees that can grow more than 200 feet tall.

A Threatened Paradise

Historically, the dense forests and rocky terrain of the Osa Peninsula shielded it from the outside world. But improved transportation and expanding development now threaten the peninsula. Osa's forests are starting to disappear as this once isolated land increasingly attracts farmers, hunters, developers, gold miners and tourists. Sadly, lands are being cleared for logging and agriculture at a higher rate than anywhere else in Costa Rica. Illegal logging, poaching and ill-conceived land-use activities further threaten the region.

How The Nature Conservancy Works on the Osa Peninsula

With the Costa Rican government and a strong network of partners, The Nature Conservancy is working to protect and maintain the Osa Peninsula’s forests and coastal areas. We are doing this in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Acquiring and protecting land
  • Strengthening the management of protected areas
  • Hiring and training park staff
  • Creating a 100,000 acre biological corridor between Corcovado and Piedras Blancas National Parks
  • Creating sustainable, bush-based job opportunities
  • Establishing a network of marine protected areas

With your $50 donation per acre to the Adopt an Acre® program, you will receive:

  • Certificate with signature photo of the Osa Peninsula commemorating your generosity
  • Colorful fact sheet about the Osa Peninsula
  • Six issues of our award-winning Nature Conservancy magazine to keep you informed all year about the many places the Conservancy is working to protect.
  • Great Places E-Newsletter subscription filled with local and global conservation updates, enviro-tips you can use and stunning nature photography.

Best of all, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing you're helping to protect this extraordinary wild habitat now and for future generations. Please Adopt an Acre today!

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