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An unprecedented group of global leaders working with The Nature Conservancy for solutions to three of Latin America's greatest challenges — Water Security, Sustainable Food Security and Smart Infrastructure — to benefit both people and nature.
Use nature to secure clean water supplies for 25 of Latin America's most at-risk cities.



Latin America is rich in water, but it is unevenly distributed, with many areas at-risk for severe water scarcity. Fast-growing cities must decide how to invest to reduce this risk and increase resilience to the extreme weather of climate change.


The Council is mobilizing business and political leaders to help secure clean water for Latin America’s 25 most at-risk cities. Water management must be improved to increase water security, using nature-based solutions upstream to enhance water quantity and quality for downstream users.

The Big Idea: Water Funds generate significant investment flows for upstream watershed management – protecting forests and other vital habitats – to provide an often cheaper way for cities to secure their water supplies. The water sector, governments and voters can see that protecting and restoring “green infrastructure” makes sense to complement "gray” infrastructure – pipes, dams, filtration plants and reservoirs.

By pursuing the strategies and actions listed below, the Council aims to measurably improve water security for as many as 100 million Latin Americans by the year 2025, benefiting upstream communities and protecting and restoring millions of hectares of forests and grasslands that feed water to our cities.


Make the business case by showing the economic benefits of investing in nature to ensure water security. 

Rank Latin America´s cities for water security risk prioritizing cities most likely to benefit from investments in watershed protection.

Test, promote and replicate the Water Funds model, together with the Latin America Water Funds Partnership, to compensate upstream communities providing “ecosystem services” for downstream water users.

Spread the word by launching the Where Does Your Water Comes From?” awareness campaign to engage the public in water conservation and (in 2014) the Blue Cities Award to recognize and share effective models.


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