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An unprecedented group of global leaders working with The Nature Conservancy for solutions to three of Latin America's greatest challenges — Water Security, Sustainable Food Security and Smart Infrastructure — to benefit both people and nature.
 Double food production with no habitat loss.



Food production must keep up with population growth to meet world needs. Latin America can become a global leader in sustainable food production if political and market forces align with and support regional initiatives to create sustainable harvests.


The Council is mobilizing the agriculture, ranching and fisheries sectors, along with industry, government and lending institutions to increase efficiency and yields on lands already cleared of native vegetation, while conserving extensive areas of still-intact native habitat.

The Big Idea: Sustainable Intensification means intensifying production on existing production lands – more than 100 million hectares in Latin America – while helping to protect lands that might otherwise be cleared to produce food. Sustainable Intensification is a win-win strategy of abundance – abundant food supply to meet growing global demand, and abundant natural resources to support all life on Earth.

By pursuing the strategies and actions listed below, the Council is creating partnerships to demonstrate that food production can measurably improve to enhance sustainable food security in Latin America.


Increase access to technologies to intensify production on current footprints working with producer networks.

Develop “Go and No Go” maps signaling where to intensify production on already cleared lands (“go zones”) while conserving tracts of native habitat (“no-go zones”). Build support for maps among governments, corporations, and environmentalists, to guide increased food production.

Help companies eliminate habitat loss from their supply chains, working through existing industry networks, including the Consumer Goods Forum and World Economic Forum, to test and deploy cost-effective systems. [Cargill Press Release]


Develop, test and promote pilot projects to increase agricultural, cattle and fish production through sustainable intensification, land-use planning and innovative financial mechanisms, while documenting the business case for conservation.

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