A Do Tank, Not a Think Tank
An unprecedented group of global leaders working with The Nature Conservancy for solutions to three of Latin America's greatest challenges — Water Security, Sustainable Food Security and Smart Infrastructure — to benefit both people and nature.

LACC Promotes Latin America's Sustainable Future

Latin America is changing and growing fast. The Council promotes steering this unprecedented development down a sustainable path.

Valuing nature means recognizing that natural resources are the very foundation of our economies. Knowing that nature has value allows us to make better, more efficient and cost-effective choices. Latin America holds an abundance of natural capital that needs to be managed wisely in order for the region to continue its growth for the prosperity of generations to come.

Learn more about how Latin American Conservation Council is working on innovative solutions for our greatest regional challenges – Water Security, Sustainable Food Security and Smart Infrastructure.

 “With the caliber of the people that have agreed to join the LACC, with the knowledge that we can have from The Nature Conservancy, I think we have a great opportunity not only to help all of our countries, but also to leave a legacy for the future.”


 Alain Belda


Challenges & Solutions

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Sustainable Food Security
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Smart Infrastructure
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