A Do Tank, Not a Think Tank
An unprecedented group of global leaders working with The Nature Conservancy for solutions to three of Latin America's greatest challenges — Water Security, Sustainable Food Security and Smart Infrastructure — to benefit both people and nature.

Demand for Latin America’s mineral, agricultural and energy wealth is fueling regional growth. Poverty is falling, social indices are rising, and regional GDP is predicted to double in a decade. But natural ecosystems must be conserved, along with the services they provide to society, for regional development to endure.

Into this reality the Latin America Conservation Council was born in 2011. Council Members are leveraging their collective expertise, influence and resources to help conserve Latin America’s “natural capital” – its healthy rivers, forests and seas – and to develop innovative, pragmatic and scalable solutions to three widespread environmental challenges: Water Security, Sustainable Food Security and Smart Infrastructure.

Working with civil society, government and the private sector, the Council calls for the region to become “best in class” in caring for nature, while providing for people. The time for action is now.




Partnership with The Nature Conservancy


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The Council works in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, the world’s largest conservation organization.  

Key strengths include:

  • Solid science
  • On-the-ground expertise
  • 35+ years in Latin America
  • Non-confrontational dialogue across sectors
  • Integrity beyond reproach  

Challenges & Solutions

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Sustainable Food Security
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Smart Infrastructure
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