Life-Income Stories

If you want to receive steady income today while also supporting the natural world, you may be interested in making a charitable gift annuity with The Nature Conservancy. When you establish a charitable gift annuity with a donation of assets like cash, appreciated securities or real estate, you receive income for yourself or up to two beneficiaries for life. You may also be able eligible for significant tax savings now.

Charitable gift annuities are flexible and can be tailored to fit your needs. After careful thought and planning, Nature Conservancy member Shirl Brainard decided to make her first charitable gift annuity. She was glad to find a compatible gift that agreed with her beliefs and provided income.

Choosing a Charitable Gift Annuity: My Story

I have worked hard all my life and I have always been careful with my money. When I decided to revamp my finances, I did a great deal of research and spoke with many different financial planners. Finally, I decided to make a charitable gift annuity with The Nature Conservancy because I wanted to make a difference in the world. My charitable gift annuity helps preserve the natural places I care about and provides me with a fixed income for life. I didn’t have to sacrifice my philanthropic goals for financial security.

I don’t like to rush into things—and I wanted to be sure I had enough to take care of my future. I could have gone with a non-charitable annuity, but when it came down to it, I wanted to do something to protect the Earth, too.

Protecting Nature for the Future

I guess I was interested in nature even before I realized it. In my everyday life, I have always taken care of the natural world—I was a gardener and was composting long before it was fashionable! And conservation pioneers like John Muir and Aldo Leopold are some of my true heroes.

Sitting around on the couch doesn’t suit me. Since retiring to New Mexico from teaching design and color theory in a mid-western community college, I have been a professional painter, showing in a local gallery for thirteen years. After I moved to a retirement community, I enjoy performing arts such as the opera and plays, but still felt a need to paint. I started a painting group, and this year we were invited for a Senior-six-member showing in another nearby gallery.

I also write and recently self-published a book of fictional short stories. It feels good to make things like this happen, and that is one reason I support the Conservancy. They make things happen too—sometimes with little steps, sometimes with large steps. And their work around the world tells me that they have the big picture in mind when it comes to protecting nature.

Making a charitable gift annuity was a simple way for me to be a part of that work. When I called them up, Conservancy staff cleared up my questions and helped me make the right decision for my situation.

I have been lucky to travel to beautiful places all over the world but I want to be sure that they are preserved for the future. These days, I don’t travel to countries like Africa and Peru anymore, but I stay current on conservation by reading voraciously, especially about the Conservancy’s work. With my charitable gift annuity, I know that I am contributing to something—it’s my way of giving back to the Earth.

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