Life-Income Stories

If you want to receive a steady income today while also supporting the natural world, you can establish a charitable gift annuity with The Nature Conservancy. When you donate cash, appreciated securities or real estate to fund a charitable gift annuity, you receive income for yourself and/or another beneficiary for life. You may also be able to receive significant tax savings now.

Charitable gift annuities are one of our simplest and most popular gift plans. Life-income gifts like charitable gift annuities are also flexible and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. For example, Elizabeth Dice’s gift annuity with the Conservancy provides her with income now, while the principal will eventually go to fund an endowment that will protect the natural places she cares so deeply about.

Why I Chose a Charitable Gift Annuity

You might say I was destined to be a nature lover and Nature Conservancy supporter; after all my father, Lee Dice, was the founder and president of the Ecologist’s Union—the precursor to The Nature Conservancy. I wanted to honor the memory and legacy of my father so I worked with Conservancy staff to find the right gift for my situation. Their attentiveness and thoroughness helped me understand that a charitable gift annuity was the best way to achieve my goals.

I am establishing a series of charitable gift annuities which will pay me steady income every year. They also will provide me with an immediate tax deduction. Best of all, however, the principal of these gifts will go to the Conservancy to start the Lee Raymond Dice Conservation Endowment, a fund that will provide support for conservation efforts in Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico coastal region.

Protecting the Future of the Natural World

I don’t believe we can afford to let what we have left in nature go unprotected because we are all connected. We rely on nature for things like water and protection from the elements. I learned that long ago from my father. He understood the inherent connection between plants, animals and natural communities.

I remember camping trips every summer in the mountains of the Southwest where he did much of his research. As a professor, ecologist, zoologist and geneticist, he created numerous legacies in the academic and scientific world and he inspired me to preserve the natural world he so avidly studied.

My work as an artist took me all over the world and that allowed me to see some extraordinary natural places. I want to be sure they are protected for the future. My charitable gift annuities will help the Conservancy save those special natural communities so we won’t lose them.

I support the Conservancy because, like my father, I believe that direct action is the most effective way to preserve nature. I think he would approve of how the Conservancy works today.

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