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Dow Collaboration in the News


Houston Chronicle - September 12, 2014
Planting Trees Could be a Weapon in the Battle Against Smog

Midland Daily News - June 13, 2014
Our View: Dow Chemical's Reforestation Project Intriguing

Japan Times - June 11, 2014
Scientists Explore Using Trees to Clean Up Pollution

Triple Pundit – March 12, 2014
Recap: Live Chat with Dr. Neil Hawkins, VP of Global EH&S and Sustainability at Dow Chemical Co.

GreenBiz – February 20, 2014
Partnerships: Strange bedfellows or matches made in heaven?

Harvard Business Review – February 3, 2014
Business Has Changed, and Even Washington Has Noticed

San Francisco Chronicle – January 4, 2014
Efforts to Curb Unbridled Growth That's Killing the Planet


Harvard Business Review – December 30, 2013
Business Resilience Comes from Working with Nature

Harvard Gazette – October 10, 2013
Putting a Price on Nature

e! Science News – October 3, 2013
Dow Chemical - Nature Conservancy Collaboration Honored

Yahoo Finance – September 24, 2013
A Wall Street Plan for Nature

Houston Chronicle – July 13, 2013
Nature's Canopy is Vital to Houston Region

Bloomberg – May 9, 2013
Resource Strain Pushes Coca-Cola, Dow to Put Price Tags on Nature

Huffington Post – April 22, 2013
Earth Day 2013: Conserving Natural Habitats

Guardian – January 30, 2013
Bringing the True Value of Water into Business Decision-Making

Triple Pundit – January 4, 2013
Top Sustainable Business Strategies of the Year


Bloomberg – June 26, 2012
Stained By Past, Dow Chemical Wins New Image Embracing Trees

The Washington Post –June 19, 2012
As Rio Summit Commences, Americans See Environment Deteriorating

Policy Shop (blog) – June 19, 2012
Dow Chemical and The Nature Conservancy Team Up to Value Ecosystem Services. No, Really.

Midland Daily News – June 17, 2012
Corporate spotlight: Dow, The Nature Conservancy Pick Brazil Pilot Site

Bloomberg Business Week – May 31, 2012
Tree-Hitter Tercek Channels Goldman at Nature Conservancy

Corporate EcoForum – The EcoInnovator – February 12, 2012
Determining the Economics of Ecosystems: A Breakthrough Collaboration

Houston Chronicle – February 10, 2012
Dow Chemical Project Aims for Healthier Environment and Profits

Midland Daily News – February 5, 2012
Industrial Spotlight: Dow/The Nature Conservancy Share Progress Report

Huffington Post – February 3, 2012
Making the Business Case for Conservation

Triple Pundit – February 1, 2012
Progress Report: Dow Chemical Partners with The Nature Conservancy

Time Magazine – January 30, 2012
Paying for Nature: Dow’s Environmental Bottom Line

World Economic Forum Blog – January 27, 2012
Making the Business Case for Conservation

The Solutions Journal – January 2012
Dow Chemical and The Nature Conservancy Team Up to Ask, What Is Nature Worth?


Time Magazine – February 21, 2011
Paying for Nature

Harvard Business Review, Blog – February 3, 2011
Dow Asks, What's the Business Case for Protecting Nature?

Triple Pundit – January 27, 2011
Dow Moves to Make Nature Part of the Bottom Line

Mother Nature Network – January 25, 2011
The Nature of Business

GreenBiz – January 24, 2011
Why Dow is Putting Nature on the Balance Sheet

Bloomberg Business Week – January 24, 2011
Dow, Nature Conservancy pledge cooperation

Corporate EcoForum – The EcoInnovator – January 24, 2011
Landmark Dow-TNC Collaboration to Assess Nature’s Business Value

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Dow and The Nature Conservancy Announce Collaboration to Value Nature

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