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Water Wake-up Call: America's Conservation Crisis


As a leading provider of plumbing products for baths and kitchens, American Standard has pioneered many innovative solutions that use less water while still providing excellent performance. This product strategy is grounded in American Standard’s recognition of its responsibility to protect one of the world’s most precious resources – freshwater.

In addition to developing water-efficient products, American Standard has made a $1 million commitment to The Nature Conservancy to support global freshwater conservation. American Standard’s two-year agreement with The Nature Conservancy is intended to bring attention to an issue of mounting global concern while raising awareness that consumers can conserve water every day.

American Standard understands that effective water conservation does not have to mean sacrifice.  Many of the company’s products are used to help earn credits for LEED certification, to help water utilities develop community retrofit programs, and to help homeowners reduce their overall water use – without sacrificing design or style.

American Standard also provides its customers with an interactive online tool that calculates how many gallons of water, and how many dollars, customers can save by converting to water-efficient fixtures and faucets. To learn more, visit American Standard's Water Conservation site.

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