Conservation Buyer Program

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The Holbrook Tract

Virginia, Russell County, Castlewood District

Size: 164 acres
Price: $185,000

This property will be conveyed by a Deed with Retained Conservation Easement.


This wooded tract is located just outside St. Paul, Virginia in an area beautiful rolling farm and forestland. The property contains a historic house, reported to have been built in the 1880's. In addition, there is one barn and assorted outbuildings. The house is located off the main road so seclusion is assured. A portion of the forest on this tract exhibits characteristics of old-growth forest and will be protected in the retained conservation easement. A small stream flows through the property and near the house and will also be protected in the easement.

Primary Conservation Objective

The main conservation goals are to protect water quality of the upper Clinch River watershed and to protect approximately 23 acres of forested habitat that possess old-growth characteristics. The small stream and spring on the property are headwaters in the Clinch River system and could negatively impact habitats downstream if poorly managed or abused. Such headwater streams supply the source water for the Clinch River, which harbors 18 federally-endangered mussel species and 4 federally-listed fish species. Occurrences of old-growth character forest patches on private lands are rare in the Clinch Valley Program area and this example, while very small, can provide information for the Conservation Forestry Program. Secondary goals are to protect the remnant limestone barren, southern Appalachian hardwood forest habitat, and depression wetlands occurring on the property.

Biodiversity Highlights

The Holbrook tract harbors one of the last remaining stands of old-growth Appalachian forest on private lands in the Clinch Valley Program area. This patch of old-growth covers 22.8 acres within a 164 acre tract of mostly forested land. The property also contains a small barrens community, which ties it ecologically to the Cleveland Barrens Preserves owned by the Conservancy and Virginia Division of Natural Heritage. There is a small creek and a spring that run through the tract that eventually empties into the Clinch River.

Qualifications and Restrictions

The property will be encumbered with Conservation Easement held and monitored by TNC. The Easement terms will be developed cooperatively between TNC and the Buyer.



The Holbrook Tract Map


For more information, please contact:

Stuart & Associates United Country Realtors, LLC
Attn: Bee Stuart
307 West Main Street
P.O. Box 393
Lebanon, Virginia 24266

Phone: (276)889-0120

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