Conservation Buyer Program

Property Listing

Pitchfork Ranch - Timber Point

Wyoming, Park County

Size: 770 acres
Price: $1,250,000

The property is or will be encumbered by a conservation easement as described below.


This 770-acre parcel, bounded on two sides by national forest and on two sides by state grazing lands, rises dramatically from the river valley up into the fir and limber pine forests of the Shoshone National Forest. There are 3 small streams on the property and a panorama of views.

Primary Conservation Objective

Maintain a functioning landscape that conserves terrestrial and aquatic biological diversity and has relatively intact ecological processes to sustain systems and species over a long period of time (e.g. 100+ years). Maintain a selected set of conservation targets that represent the diverse array of ecological systems and species and will capture key ecological processes.

Biodiversity Highlights

Preservation of this tract will help maintain a selected set of priority conservation targets including a bighorn sheep migratory corridor, mule deer crucial winter range, elk parturition habitat and elk crucial winter range. Wolf territories were found within 5 miles of Timber Point in 2002, an important umbrella species for the region. The property is also documented grizzly bear habitat.

Qualifications and Restrictions

Easement terms will allow the construction of one residence, but will prohibit subdivision of the property, building of new roads or trails, introduction of non-native species, and construction of buildings and structures except in the designated building envelope. Easement terms will specifically address the maintenance and protection of the bighorn sheep migration route which crosses a portion of the property; protection for areas which contain crucial winter range for elk and deer; and preserve the integrity of the riparian areas and buffer zones.


Additional Photos

Pitchfork Ranch, © Edward Orth


For more information, please contact:

Katherine Thompson, NW WY Program Director
The Nature Conservancy
1128 12th Street, Suite A
Cody, Wyoming 82414

Phone: (307) 587-1655


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