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Property Listing

Nanticoke River Farm

Maryland, Wicomico County

Size: 187 acres
Price: $1,100,000

Can be sold as 2 parcels $600,000 for waterfront and $500,000 for upland with house.


Nanticoke River Farm lies along 900 feet of the Nanticoke River and 5000 feet of freshwater tidal Owens Creek in Wicomico County. It has 130 acres of native hardwood forest along the shoreline and 25 acres of cutover woods. The property includes a large house surrounded by 30 acres of cultivated fields.

Primary Conservation Objective

Protection of Nanticoke River Farm from intense development is part of a larger effort to protect the aquatic and tidal wetland systems of the Nanticoke River and Chesapeake Bay. It will also protect coastal plain native forest blocks and migratory bird habitat.

Biodiversity Highlights

The Nanticoke River watershed on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay is recognized for its exceptional biodiversity and has been a priority for protection for decades by the Conservancy, the State of Maryland and other conservation organizations. The watershed harbors over 200 rare plant and animal species and communities, as well as high quality tidal wetland systems and migratory bird habitat.

Qualifications and Restrictions

A conservation easement will be reserved on the property prior to its sale. The easement will allow one subdivision and a second dwelling. Timbering of the cutover woods will be permitted to the extent it will improve migratory bird habitat and there will be provisions for protecting the water quality of the Nanticoke River and Owens Creek.


Additional Photos

Nanticoke River Farm, © TNC


For more information, please contact:

Elizabeth Zucker
PO Box 220
Cordova, Maryland 21625

Phone: (410) 364-9255


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