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Conservation Buyer Program

Property Listing

Lame Johnny Creek Ranch - Creek Parcel

South Dakota, Custer County

Size: 565 acres
Price: $1,356,360

The property is or will be encumbered by a conservation easement as described below.


The Creek Parcel includes 565 acres with a residence, detached studio, barn and small sheds. Lame Johnny Creek flows from Custer State Park through this parcel, creating a deciduous riparian corridor surrounded by native prairie that serves as critical habitat for a wide diversity of species. This parcel is adjacent to the gathering pasture for the Annual Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park, an event attended by hundreds of people each fall.

Primary Conservation Objective

Maintain a functioning landscape that conserves terrestrial and aquatic biological diversity and has relatively intact ecological processes to sustain systems and species over a long period of time (e.g. 100+ years). Maintain a selected set of conservation targets that represent the diverse array of ecological systems and species and will capture key ecological processes.

Biodiversity Highlights

Lame Johnny Creek flows from Custer State Park throughout this parcel, creating a deciduous riparian corridor of ash-elm/wolfberry forest surrounded by native prairie. Important conservation targets also found on the property: western wheatgrass-green needlegrass prairie dominates the property with northern mixedgrass prairie found on rocky slopes and hilltops. The property provides habitat for native fish, amphibians, reptiles, a variety of native mammals, neotropical migrant passerines, and raptors. Portions of the property overlap crucial annual range for elk.

Easements and Restrictions

Placement and size of the building envelope will be such as to minimize disturbance to wildlife and be aesthetically pleasing as well as preserve the overall biological integrity of the property.


For more information, please contact:


Bob Paulson
The Nature Conservancy
8100 Sheridan Lake Road
Rapid City, South Dakota 57702


Phone: (605) 342-4040


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