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Property Listing

Kachemak Bay Skyline Parcel / West

Alaska, Kenai Peninsula Borough County

Size: 200 acres
Price: $252,000

The property is or will be encumbered by a conservation easement as described below.


The Skyline West Parcel in Homer, Alaska is undeveloped property adjacent to and overlapping the Anchor River-Fritz Creek Critical Habitat Area in the upper Fritz Creek watershed.  Fritz Creek runs through the property for 1/2 mile.  The area consists of spruce forest, riparian communities, and open meadows.  This serves as an important corridor for moose that migrate from the critical habitat area to the low elevation Homer bench in the winter, returning to these uplands in the summer and fall.  The property is accessed via a primitive road that spurs off of Skyline Drive.

Primary Conservation Objective

The primary objectives are to maintain unfragmented landscapes for wildlife corridor continuity and biodiversity integrity, and to alleviate bear mortality due to defense of life and property incidents. Kachemak Bay is a landscape-scale, community-based conservation site where TNC is employing a mix of conservation strategies to abate key threats. These strategies include land acquisition, acquisition of conservation easements, working with agencies to influence management of public lands, and working with the community to develop economic strategies that align with the conservation goals for the site.

Biodiversity Highlights

The Kachemak Bay region is a rich marine ecosystem surrounded by productive coastal forests, salt marshes and other wetlands, alpine tundra, and salmon-rich rivers. Kachemak Bay has been designated a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Network Site, a National Estuarine Research Reserve, and a State Critical Habitat Area. This site is home to over 231 species of birds including nearly 90% of the wintering marine birds in Cook Inlet. The site provides habitat for a large population of wintering bald eagles and Steller's eiders, numerous species of crabs and clams, harbor seals, Steller sea lions, sea otters, beluga and humpback whales, and over 20 species of terrestrial mammals including brown and black bears, wolverines, wolves, otters and lynx. The Kachemak Bay watershed comprises the site. This includes the rolling hills and bluffs of the Kenai lowlands which rise above Homer to the Anchor River drainage and extends northeast to Caribou Lake and the drainage of the Fox River.

Easements and Restrictions

The Kachemak Bay Skyline property will be sold subject to restrictions.  Only one residential house and no further subdivision of the property is permitted.  The parcel will have siting restrictions on the house site with a 2 acre development footprint to be located in a specific area of the property.  No fencing is allowed except possibly around the immediate home site.  No commercial timber harvest, gravel removal or other extraction activity will be permitted.  No livestock, including horses, will be permitted to alleviate the possibility of bear defense of life and property incidents.



Skyline Property Map


For more information, please contact:

The Alderfer Group
3774 Bartlett Street
Homer, Alaska 99603

Phone: (907) 235-5232


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