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Conservation Buyer Program

Property Listing

Arkansas Post Tract

Arkansas, Arkansas County

Size: 120 acres
Price: $144,000

The property is or will be encumbered by a conservation easement as described below.


The current condition of the subject property is old-field pasture and forested wetland. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is offering this property as a Conservation Buyer Tract. This property is located adjacent to the Arkansas Post National Memorial. The subject property has long-term recreational potential.


Primary Conservation Objective

The conservation goal for this tract is the reforestation of land to provide habitat for the flora and fauna of the Big Woods of Arkansas.

Biodiversity Highlights

Bottomland hardwood forest. 


Easements and Restrictions

Conservation easement held by TNC.




Additional Photos

Old agricultural field.  © TNC


Location map with roads.  © ARFO GIS Lab/TNC

2009 Aerial Map  © ARFO GIS Lab/TNC


For more information, please contact:

Lane Patterson
601 N. University Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72205

Phone: 501-614-5094

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