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Environmental Media Association

The Nature Conservancy and the Environmental Media Association (EMA), a leader in linking the power of celebrity to environmental awareness, are proud partners on the Nature Works Everywhere gardens program. Together, we are connecting students, teachers, and families with their environment through gardens. These living systems filter water, provide habitat, reduce the carbon footprint, and improve soil to support the production of food and vegetation. Gardens also offer tremendous learning opportunities to explore and understand nature’s fantastic factory.

On a broader scale, Nature Works Everywhere offers videos, games, and interactive lesson plans that allow classrooms to explore nature, from coral reefs to bee gardens, and from Maine’s snowy forests to Africa’s grasslands. The EMA supports Nature Works Everywhere by coordinating opportunities for celebrity involvement, and also by contributing community gardens to the program. 

The 23rd Annual Environmental Media Awards, which aired on October 19, 2013, announced the partnership and celebrated the entertainment personalities, productions and events that convey environmental messages in the most creative and influential ways. View the EMA Awards show recording »


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