Conservation Connections: Annual Report 2008

The world is more interconnected than ever before. Places that once seemed insurmountably remote are now reachable by cell phone. Satellite cameras can take us to virtually any spot on Earth. Coffee served by a Seattle barista contains beans grown on three continents. 

A smaller and more interconnected world, however, presents new solutions for saving the places that must remain intact for the benefit of people and wildlife. You are invited to read firsthand accounts in our 2008 Annual Report of how the Conservancy’s work transcends borders, including:

  • Conservancy discoveries in the South Pacific inform marine scientists on reef management in the Florida Keys.
  • Conservancy programs inspire four young people to practice conservation in their own backyards—Nebraska, New York, the Bahamas and Brazil.
  • Through information sharing facilitated by the Conservancy, lessons from waterways of the American South are now guiding managers of Africa’s Zambezi River.

We hope you enjoy viewing some of our 2008 conservation highlights that members and supporters like you helped make happen in 2008.

We will continue to use smart, innovative research and work with our partners and concerned people like you to protect and restore the Earth's most critical natural places for generations to come.

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