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Climate change threatens the natural systems that The Nature Conservancy seeks to conserve and the valuable services those systems provide to people in all of the places we work.
For this reason, limiting climate change and its impacts is one of our top priorities. We are pursuing global strategies to limit greenhouse gas emissions from land use and energy development and to invest in natural infrastructure to reduce disaster risks associated with climate change. 

Consistent with this approach, the Conservancy has adopted an investment policy that shifts investment funds away from the most carbon intensive fossil fuels.
Specifically, the Conservancy’s will not invest in any companies:

  • That derive 5 percent or more of their revenue from the production of coal or oil sands (the highest emitting fossil fuels); or 
  • That approve new coal-fired electric generating capacity, unless equipped with carbon capture and storage technology to mitigate CO2 emissions.

Under our investment policy, any investments currently held in companies that do not meet the criteria above must be divested no later than the end of 2014.
The Conservancy has committed to work with other like-minded organizations to develop sustainable investment policies, including the provisions noted above. We also regularly review our investment strategies, seeking further opportunities to advance our conservation mission.


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