2010 Field Season

Sixty-nine students and mentors participated in the Internship Program for City Youth's 2010 field season, which marked the largest group in the program's 16-year history. Interns stayed at an array of Nature Conservancy preserves in 11 states along the east coast, including Southern Lake Champlain Valley, Central & Western New York, the Adirondacks, the Penobscot River, Mashomack, the Delaware Bayshores, Block Island, Clinch Valley, Pike Knob Preserve and other sites in New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts and Georgia.

We congratulate our alumni on their continued efforts in conservation as they grow into young men and women!

The 2010 Interns Highlight Their Experiences
Davin Anderson, Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment

"Week after week we did more and more work. I felt like it was making me a better person. Hard work is a great character builder. Each person I've worked with over the past few weeks has made an impact on me in some way. One of them was Bernard Davies who is a forester. He taught us things about trees and wild plants. Another was Greg Sardis who had us building and repairing things for different trails. Greg also gave me some good advice about college and something I could possibly major in that this job gave me some experience in. Another was Jerome who only two years ago was doing the same program we are now. I look at him as an example of what The Nature Conservancy is capable of. It shows this program and this organization can really make an impact and a difference in someone's life.”

Gabriela Witek, High School for Environmental Studies

“Many times we had to hike in order to reach our work site. Most areas in North Conway had mountains. I went hiking on Black Cap Mountain the first day of work. I was impressed when I made it. After we left North Conway I realized I can do anything I want. Not in a million years I thought I could've climbed a mountain and made it to the top… Every time I see a Purple Loose Strife I always want to stop and pull it so there cannot be anymore invasive species. I've changed so much just working. I am more concerned about nature and I love everything the environment gives us. This job was so awesome. I never felt like I was working just making a change.”

Megi Zeku, High School for Environmental Studies

"Because of The Nature Conservancy, I have experienced many things I would have never had the chance to experience. Since the beginning of this program until now, I can proudly say I have grown as a person. I have become more independent, insightful, daring and most importantly a decision maker. I have learned that even though I am frightened at first, I know that I am capable of doing everything everyone else can do.”

Shantel Alvarado, Academy of Environmental Leadership

"This whole month has been a life changing experience… I was definitely a team player and tried my best to keep up the positive energy. I learned that I am a hard worker and can achieve many things, such as working with new people. I have learned that conservation is a very important matter and it takes a lot of energy to practice this. Working for The Nature Conservancy was such a great opportunity that it’s impossible for me not to be thankful. I have so many memories thanks to The Nature Conservancy."

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