2009 Field Season

Thirty-three students participated in the Internship Program for City Youth's 2009 field season, one of the largest groups in the program's 15-year history. Interns stayed at an array of Nature Conservancy preserves across the Northeast, including Block Island, Mashomack, the Adirondacks, Central & Western New York, Martha's Vineyard and Long Island, spanning across seven different states.

We congratulate our alumni on their continued efforts in conservation as they grow into young men and women!

The 2009 Interns Highlight Their Experiences
Rosabelis Fabio, High School for Environmental Studies

"My perspective for the environment has changed completely. I went from taking long showers and buying lunch to taking shorter showers, recycling and making my lunch in a Tupperware and drinking out of a stainless steel bottle. This might not be a big change in many people's eyes, but it will have a big impact on my life as well as the Earth."

Aura De La Cruz

“Over the past weeks, The Nature Conservancy has given me a grand stepping stone for my future and my life... I am now more physically and mentally capable of what I thought I wouldn't reach in a long time... I feel like now I can just take on the world.”

Ishmael Akahoho, Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment

“This internship has changed the way I first felt about environmentalism. Before attending the TNC internship, I volunteered at Prospect Park, but most of the work we did, I felt had no value in helping the environment. I felt it was just one park and couldn't make a difference in the world. But this opinion changed after one month... the work we did opened my eyes. Even though we did this work in Block Island, the passerby always evaluated the many things we did and after asking us questions, they always told us that they would do their best to help in every way they could. This showed me that although we work in one place, if you tell people about your work, it will travel further than you expected.”

Cyndel Hernandez, High School for Environmental Studies

“Although there are ups and downs of work life on the Vineyard, both led to the same conclusion. Regardless of whether I was weak in one area or strong in another, I grew as a person. The physical labor helped expand my mind and allowed me to grow mentally and internally, and with the good and the bad pushed aside, I believe that is the most important thing I have gained. Work on the Vineyard allowed me to see what the working world can and will be like. The idea and the process of getting paychecks, having a boss, working for eight hours and coming home tired, all of it gave me a better idea and mindset of how the real world is. The feeling after work, although it was tiring and exhausting at times, was completely and utterly worth it. I loved feeling like I did something that needed to be done. The feeling that I worked with people who have a long-term goal, and that in accomplishing and participating in small term goals, allowed them to get closer to their bigger one. All of the soreness, tired nights and groggy mornings were always worth it, and I would not take a moment of it back.”

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