2006 Field Season


See photos of our interns from the 2006 field season.

Thirty-one students and mentors participated in the 2006 field season, which marked the largest group in the program's twelve year history. Interns stayed at an array of Nature Conservancy preserves across the Northeast, including Mashomack, the Adirondacks, Martha's Vineyard, Southern Lake Champlain Valley, the Delaware Bayshores, Sam's Point / Shawangunks, and the Poconos. A record number of Nature Conservancy field offices throughout the Northeast also hosted the interns this summer. 

We congratulate our alumni on their continued efforts in conservation as they grow into young men and women!

The 2006 Interns Highlight Their Experiences 
Amit Bhowmick, High School for Environmental Studies

"This experience was the best month of my life. I was away from my parents for so long that I really had to learn how to take care of myself. I went through so many new experiences, and now I feel like I have a new home and a new family. 

I had to work very hard, and a lot of times I was exhausted, but the staff workers would always congratulate me and I'd feel special about myself. The Nature Conservancy helped me to learn a lot and made me a better person in all respects." 

Shannel Hodge, High School for Environmental Studies

“Before  working at The Nature Conservancy, if someone had killed an insect, I would have probably cheered them on. But now, I might try to stop them, because I've learned that everything has its place in life and its own little job to do.  Insects are an important part of life in our plant nursery. 

I can now see how the little things and the big things can each have a big impact on our world. Everyone plays a role here, big or small, which affects our work at The Nature Conservancy and makes it a success.”

Paul Knudsen, High School for Environmental Studies

“I learned you have to take the work with the play, and that even though you are working outdoors on a nice day, the work can still be tiring! Perseverance is the key, and not being satisfied until the job is complete.

There were a few annoying things, like no television, but this experience is really a once-in-a-lifetime chance that you don't get everyday.

It has taught me not only about nature, but also things about myself and about the challenges of living with new people. I feel I took a lot away from this program such as great stories, friendly faces, and a tick or two.”

David Londono, High School for Environmental Studies

“I had a mixture of feelings on the last day of this program. Tired because of all the hard work and sad because I have gotten so used to this place. I love it here.

I also feel confused because as much as I want to stay here, I want to see my family again. And I feel happy because I have found what I want to do in the future, the kind of job I want to have."   

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